...and it shall be done.


centralized repository of all your organizational intellectual data, with a secure access control system.

It is a secure cloud vault for all your organizational intellectual data, with easy to customize and implement hierarchy based access control.


Ask Vana tracks and monitors all data search and download behaviour of every team member.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm, provides deep insights and trends on data usage patterns, with predictive trends and also prescriptive advises.


Ask Vana can be easily trained to take care of your menial repetitive tasks. Setting up appointments, responding to inbound calls, assigning jobs etc. are just a few things that it can do with perfection.

Being built on a Natural Language Processing (NLP) framework, Ask Vana can be easily customized for an intelligent conversational Virtual Assistant.

Ask Vana is an online cloud application that securely provides organizational data, assists in tasks and
provides intelligent insights on data. Built on Natural Language Processing (NLP) framework, and our
proprietary Machine Learning (ML) algorithm, Ask Vana is an intelligent conversational virtual assistant
that can be custom built for any organization.

Ask Vana can be easily integrated with other cloud and legacy applications and transform them
into an intelligent conversational applications.


Ask Vana is currently in prototype stage.

Ask Vana is an initiative of Levitating Elephant Technologies Private Limited